Early Pregnancy Scan

Early Pregnancy Scans provide reassurance and confirms the results of a pregnancy test from week 6, gestational age of baby, an estimated due date of baby.

Private Reassurance Early Pregnancy Scan From 6 - 15 Weeks

For your peace of mind, we now offer an ultrasound scan from 6 to 15 weeks of pregnancy. Our early pregnancy scan is a 5 minute 2D scan to confirm the results of a pregnancy test as well as the gestational age of the baby, an estimated due date of the baby and confirm a heartbeat.

You will receive three 2D black and white thermal prints as a keepsake. Please note that this scan requires a full bladder. You will need to start drinking fluid 30 to 45 minutes before your appointment time and refrain from using the bathroom within this period.

We do not need to see your hospital records.

Whats Included in an Early Pregnancy Scan?

Available From 6 - 15 Weeks
3 Black & White Thermal Prints
Free Rescan If Needed
Personal Chaperone For Duration of Scan
5 Guests or More * PLUS Children of Any Age

* Number of guests dependant upon the clinic, please contact us when booking for more information. 

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It's an amazing experience and the staff are amazing, I had a 4D scan but unfortunately, my son didn't want to co-operate so the staff gave me a drink and got me to walk about. I thought after my walk I'd have to wait for ages but they had me back in fairly quickly and this time I actually got to see my son. The images produced were amazing and didn't take too long to print, I was also able to take all my family and boyfriends family in the room (7 adults and 3 children) which I was grateful for as usually it's only 5 adults and 1 child allowed. The waiting room is also very lovely and child-friendly as there are more than enough toys for the children to play with.Sadia Hussain

I was recommended peek a baby by all of my friends and family. I was not disappointed. The staff were so lovely it was like an extended family. They were also very professional and nothing was too much trouble. I would highly recommend them and will definitely be coming back for future pregnancies!Bernadette Jayes

Wonderful staff and a really nice atmosphere. Loved every minute of my experience having our scans here. Can’t recommend them enough. I will definitely be coming back for my next pregnancy!!!Jasmine Archer

Me and my partner went for a 4D scan after having my gender scan and an early scan with them. They have been absolutely amazing. They looked after us on our every single visit. We loved every moment of our scans. We will be coming back in future. Thank you so much to all the staff for looking after us.Roxanne Johnson

I went to the NHS for an emergency scan and they gave me an appointment for 3 days later. Phoned Peek A Baby and they gave me an appointment the same day. They were brilliant. Had my scan and thank goodness everything was ok. They took their time and answered all my questions. Me and my partner were so happy when we walked out. Can’t thank Peek A Baby enough. I will definitely be going back there for my gender scan!Chloe Colles

Thank you everyone at Peekababay for our wonderful experience. Their prices are affordable and service is excellent. Very happy with my gender scan. Can’t wait to go back for our 4D scan to see my little princess.Kayleigh Adams

Excellent service! Amazing quality pictures and very friendly staff. I will be recommending them to all my friends and family xxKylie Shaw

I had an amazing experience and my whole family was made feel comfortable. Can’t recommend them enough. Thank you to all the lovely staff and the lady scanning me. You were all amazing.Kelly Harris

Thank you to all the staff at Peek A Baby for making our scan so magical! Seeing our baby for the first time was one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives. Can’t wait to come back to find out if our baby is a little girl or little boy! Thank you.Jay Walcock
Couldn’t be more happier with the service I was given. Staff was brilliant fit me in last minute for a reassurance scan. They really put my mind at ease now I can relax knowing that my baby is doing well.Chloe Gibbons

Early Pregnancy Baby Scans

Early pregnancy baby scans, offered between 6 to 15 weeks of gestation, are crucial medical procedures that provide a wealth of information to expectant parents and healthcare providers. These scans, also known as early viability scans or dating scans, are typically performed using transvaginal ultrasound in the earlier weeks and transabdominal ultrasound as the pregnancy progresses. Here, we delve into the significance, procedure, and benefits of these early pregnancy scans.

Significance of Early Pregnancy Scans

Early pregnancy scans are primarily conducted to confirm the pregnancy and its viability. Around 6 to 9 weeks, the scan can detect the presence of a gestational sac, yolk sac, and a fetal pole. By around 6 to 7 weeks, it is often possible to see and measure the fetal heartbeat, which is a critical indicator of the pregnancy's viability. This early detection is essential for reassuring parents and planning appropriate prenatal care.

Additionally, these scans help in determining the exact gestational age of the fetus. Accurate dating is particularly important because it helps in estimating the due date, which is crucial for monitoring the pregnancy's progress and making informed decisions throughout the prenatal period.

Lady having a baby scan - nurse showing baby on scan
Benefits of Early Pregnancy Scans
  1. Confirmation of Pregnancy: The primary benefit of early scans is to confirm the presence of an intrauterine pregnancy. This confirmation is crucial to rule out ectopic pregnancies, where the embryo implants outside the uterus, a potentially life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. It can also rule out blighted ovum. 
  2. Viability and Heartbeat Detection: Detecting the fetal heartbeat is a major milestone. A heartbeat detected by around 6 to 7 weeks significantly reassures that the pregnancy is viable.
  3. Accurate Dating: Early scans provide precise measurements of the fetus, allowing for accurate dating of the pregnancy. This is important for planning subsequent care and interventions.
  4. Identification of Multiple Pregnancies: Early scans can identify multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc.), which require specialised monitoring and care.
  5. Early Detection of Abnormalities: Though detailed anomaly scans are performed later in the pregnancy, early scans can sometimes detect significant abnormalities or issues, allowing for early decision-making and management.
  6. Parental Reassurance: For many parents, early scans provide emotional reassurance and a sense of connection with their developing baby. Seeing the first images and hearing the heartbeat can be a profoundly moving experience.