The Symptoms of Early Pregnancy

Symptoms of pregnancy commonly become noticeable from 4-6 weeks of pregnancy; however, some people do claim to feel pregnancy very early on. Some of the signs of early pregnancy can be missed or confused with something else if you are not aware of them.

The most common sign of pregnancy is a missed period. If you have missed your period by more than a week, this is often a sign to take a test and see if you are pregnant.

Other early symptoms may include nausea (with or without vomiting), fatigue, the frequent need to urinate and swollen or tender breasts.

When Should You Take a Pregnancy Test

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, it is recommended that you get yourself a pregnancy test.

With the advancements in pregnancy test technology, some tests can be highly sensitive and detect pregnancy even before a missed period. You could take this kind of test if you are having any of the other symptoms very early on or feel that your hormones are out of balance.

What is the Next Step?

If you have taken a pregnancy test and it has a positive reading, your next steps are to contact your GP or local midwife. Ideally, you need to make an appointment with a midwife before 8 weeks of pregnancy to ensure you have the antenatal care and information required for a healthy pregnancy.

If you want to be certain of your pregnancy from 6 weeks, Peek A Baby offer their Early Reassurance Scan from 6 to 15 weeks. With this, we can confirm your pregnancy for you, giving you reassurance to then book with your local midwife.

It is important to note that Peek A Baby scans do not replace hospital scans or appointments.

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If you are having any of the above symptoms and have had a positive pregnancy test, book to come and see us today. We can book your 6-week scan with you and give you peace of mind very early on in your pregnancy journey.

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