See Your Baby Early: Early Pregnancy Scan Near Me

Pregnancy Reassurance Scans for Early Pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Finding out that you are pregnant is an exciting time for any mum and dad, whether you are new parents, or have other children. It can bring about a variety of emotions, excitement and nervousness all at the same time.

At Peek A Baby, we aim to create a calm environment in clinic for you to enjoy the moment with your little one. With a private early pregnancy scan near me, you can meet your little one from just 6 weeks!

Why not book your scan today and take a peak at the newest member of your family.

Why Book An Early Pregnancy Scan Near Me?

At Peek A Baby, our Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan is available from as early as 6 weeks. This is an opportunity to confirm your pregnancy and the baby’s heartbeat, giving you and your partner the reassurance you may be seeking following home tests. Following this confirmation of pregnancy, you are able to appropriately plan your prenatal care to ensure that you and baby are fully looked after on this journey of pregnancy.

Whilst with us for this scan, our sonographers will confirm your pregnancy and the baby’s heartbeat, the gestational age of the baby and estimate your due date. This allows you to also have your first glimpse at the newest family member and start to bond with your baby as your pregnancy journey begins.

Early pregnancy scans are often 10-15 minute appointments with a 5 minute abdominal ultrasound scan (transvaginal offered if necessary) to establish the viability of your pregnancy. Following this scan, you will be able to take home 3 thermal images to share with your loved ones. For this scan, we do not need to see hospital records. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of access to your abdomen for scans. In order to get the best results of this scan, you will need to drink fluids beforehand to have a full bladder. We recommend drinking plenty 40 minutes or so before you scan.

Early Pregnancy Abdominal Scans

At Peek A Baby, we perform all scans as abdominal ultrasound scans. During the Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan, if we are unable to see on the ultrasound scan, we may ask to do a transvaginal scan for you in order to detect a viable pregnancy.

Benefits of an Early Pregnancy Scan Near Me

Early Pregnancy Home Testing

Taking home tests can give you the answer that you are possibly looking for in confirming a positive result for pregnancy following early symptoms, but often, finding peace of mind can come from an early pregnancy scan near me. Our sonographers across all three clinics are able to confirm your pregnancy from as early as 6 weeks. This is just one of the benefits to early pregnancy scans; other benefits can include:

  • Detecting the fetal heartbeat – this gives you an opportunity to see your baby’s heartbeat for the first time at a very early stage.
  • Giving an estimated due date – this can help you preplan your prenatal care and look ahead to when your family grows.
  • It can reduce anxiety or stress that you may have been experiencing up to this point in early pregnancy.
  • It creates the cherished first opportunity for you to meet your baby and start creating a bond with them that will only grow and develop over the course of your pregnancy.

If you are unsure about your recent symptoms or would like to confirm the results of your pregnancy, book your early pregnancy scan near me today with Peek A Baby.

Why Peek A Baby for Early Pregnancy Scans?

Peek A Baby have been providing private pregnancy scans for more than a decade, giving parents treasured memories along their pregnancy journeys. From first pregnancy to third or fourth, we are here to give you a front seat view into your womb, giving you an opportunity to meet your baby from just 6 weeks, and bond with them throughout your pregnancy.

Our qualified sonographers are fully trained and HCPC registered in performing early pregnancy scans and more. They are skilled in giving you the best experience, helping you to understand where your baby is within the womb, and giving you a number of opportunities to share this with your loved ones from early stages.

Our Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan is just one opportunity to meet your baby. At Peek A Baby, we offer private gender scans, growth & presentation scans and a range of 4D packages to suit your budget. With same day appointments available in some clinics, why not book your private early pregnancy scan near me with us today at your local clinic.

If you are looking to explore your baby’s genetics, we also offer a range of NIPT Tests and Early Gender Blood Tests (also paired with an Early Pregnancy Scan). You can book your test online for a time that suits your schedule.

If you still have questions regarding an early pregnancy scan near me, why not take a look at our FAQs below, or contact us in clinic today. Our team are on hand to help you! Alternatively, you can take a look at the tips from the NHS on start to life.

We look forward to seeing you in clinic soon.

Signs of pregnancy in the early stages can range from spotting to nausea and tiredness. Why not read our blog to find out more or discover more with the NHS early signs and symptoms.

With pregnancy tests ever evolving, you can find some that detect pregnancy before a missed period; however, the best time to test is once you have missed your last period. Ideally, wait a week and then test if you have missed your period for more accurate results. Following the results, if positive, you can book a 6 week early pregnancy reassurance scan with Peek A Baby.

Mild cramping is normal during the early pregnancy stages as your body changes. If you experience severe or persistent cramps or with bleeding whilst cramping at any point during early pregnancy, contact your healthcare provider for next steps.

At Peek A Baby, the first scan that you can have with your baby is from as early as 6 weeks. Our Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan can confirm your pregnancy and more. Book your scan appointment today.

Some light spotting can be normal, often associated with implantation bleeding. If you experience any bleeding, please discuss with your GP.

Yes, you can keep exercising during early pregnancy, as long as this is low impact. Running, walking, swimming and prenatal yoga are options that can benefit your pregnancy during the early stages. It is key to avoid heavy lifting or exercises that are high-impact and high risk during your pregnancy.

Prenatal vitamins are vital during the early stages of pregnancy, and they can ensure both you and your baby are getting the essential nutrients. Key vitamins and minerals include folic acid, iron and calcium. Always check with your GP before taking any medication as they will recommend for you.

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