Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) is a screening test offered to pregnant women who are at higher risk of genetic diseases such as Down's Syndrome, Edward's Syndrome or Patau's Syndrome. These tests are designed to indicate whether or not the parent is carrier of the disease and what the chances are that your child may have inherited these genetics.

A blood test is taken to determine the genetics of your baby via their DNA. Results are sent through to your GP or directly to yourselves, giving you the information you need to know about your productive options and reducing risks of transmitting to your baby.

Peek A Baby also offers an early gender blood test, allowing you to find out the gender of your baby from as early as 6 weeks of pregnancy!

Early Gender Blood Test

Know sooner than ever before!

Peek A Baby are offering Early Gender Blood Testing that allows you to find out the gender of your baby from as early as 6 weeks!

Starting at 6 weeks into pregnancy*

99.9% accurate DNA-based blood test

Test requires a small blood sample from the mother

Administered by phlebotomy professional

Results emailed straight to you in 5-7 business days!**

*Eligibility calculator available to check if you are at least 6 weeks pregnant

**Subject to delays

From £129


Veracity is an NIPT available to expectant mothers who want to check for genetic conditions of the fetus before birth. This test gives results from a DNA test performed from a blood sample taken from the mother. 

Test available from 10 weeks of pregnancy

Able to detect the most common fetal aneuploidies

Provides 99.9% accuracy through direct fetal DNA testing

Gender determination is possible with this test as an additional option

Available to all pregnant women of any age or risk category

Results sent to your healthcare provider within 7-10 working days

From £240


VERAgene is a test available for pregnant mothers of any age. It is designed to test for genetic conditions of the fetus before birth that can often be severe with a significant impact on the quality of life. 

Test before or during pregnancy

Screens for aneupoildies, microdeletions and single gene diseases

Test requires a Buccal swab for father and a blood test for mother taken by a professional.

Available to expectant mothers who are at least 10 weeks into pregnancy

Results available within 7-10 working days (subject to postal delays).

Whether you are looking for NIPT testing near me, what NIPT is and what genetic testing during pregnancy involves, Peek A Baby can help you. We offer NIPT Tests in Birmingham, London and Bromsgrove, offering NIPT services near you.

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