Genetic Testing During Pregnancy

Genetic testing during pregnancy is an option available to parents in order to help them understand their baby’s genetic makeup.

Now available with Peek A Baby, these non-invasive prenatal tests can help families understand any genetic conditions or abnormalities that their baby may have and prepare for the future with this information.

At Peek A Baby, we offer a range of NIPT tests: Veracity and VERAgene.

The Importance of Genetic Testing During Pregnancy

Genetic testing during pregnancy comes with many questions from expecting mothers, but it is important to understand how these tests can help prepare you for the future with your baby.

Often, these tests are offered to pregnant women who are at higher risk of genetic diseases, such as Down’s Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome or Patau’s Syndrome. They are designed to help parents understand their baby’s genetics, giving an insight into whether or not your child has inherited a genetic condition from you.

These tests do not cause harm to mother or baby. They are completed via a blood sample from the mother. VERAgene also requires a Buccal Swab from the father in order to complete the fetal DNA work. The samples will then be used to identify the fetal DNA; from this point your baby’s DNA is then tested for any detection of common fetal aneuploidies that indicate genetic conditions.

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Which Genetic Test Do I Need?

At Peek A Baby, we offer Veracity and VERAgene as NIPT tests that can help parents to identify and understand their baby’s genetics.


This test can be taken by mothers who are 10 weeks pregnant or more. It offers an opportunity to check for any genetic conditions that your baby may have inherited from the mother or father’s DNA. A blood sample is taken from the mother and sent off for testing. During this phase, the fetal DNA is separated in order to then provide a greater insight. It provides 99.9% accuracy in results due to DNA fetal testing.

Although you must be 10 weeks pregnant for this test to be completed, it is available to mothers of any risk category.

This test can also determine gender should you wish to find out before your gender scan at 16 -20 weeks.


VERAgene is another NIPT test that is available to mothers from 10 weeks of pregnancy. Similarly, to Veracity, this test can provide families with insight in any genetic conditions that your baby may have inherited; this test is also able to focus on conditions that can often have a severe impact on the quality of your child’s life.

In order for this test to be completed, it requires a blood sample from the mother, and a buccal swab from the father. The fetal DNA is then tested and screened for aneuploidies, microdeletions and single gene diseases. Results given will be 99.9% accurate.


Both tests will have results sent through to your healthcare provider within 7-10 days (subject to postal delays) which can then be discussed in further detail with you.

When & Why Should I Consider Genetic Testing During Pregnancy

These tests, although not mandatory, can provide parents with deeper levels of insight into their baby’s health and what may be needed for their care once born.

It can bring about peace of mind for parents who are concerned about their hereditary conditions for their future children, helping them to make informed decisions early on.

It is vital to discuss these tests as a couple and with your healthcare provider before jumping straight into them; however, if you have a family history of genetic conditions, you may be at higher risk of passing this to your children and therefore may want to be tested.


As non-invasive tests, they do not cause any harm to mother or baby at any time. They are performed by trained professionals at Peek A Baby who can fully support you throughout the appointment.

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