NIPT Testing Near Me

Approximately 1 in 50 pregnancies are affected by genetic conditions…

NIPT Testing gives expectant parents the opportunity to find out more about their baby’s genetic health. Whether you have a hereditary condition in your family, or you are wanting to explore your own family options, these NIPT tests are available for you from 10 weeks of pregnancy.

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Why Do I Need NIPT Testing?

NIPT Testing is not a must during pregnancy, but if you have been advised about being high risk for genetic conditions, or have a family history of them, it is an option available for you. You do not have to be high risk or have family history of conditions in order to book an NIPT test. They are available for all expectant parents looking for genetic insight.

These NIPT tests are non-invasive screening tests that require a blood sample and/or buccal swab sample from expecting parents. From these samples, fetal DNA can be identified and tested, giving you an insight into your baby’s health.

Often, NIPT testing is a means of establishing whether or not your baby is more or less likely to develop Downs Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome, Patau Syndrome, or other genetic conditions. Each varying test can provide different testing options so you will need to be clear on what you are wanting to find out before booking with Peek A Baby.

Available Non-Invasive Prenatal testing Near Me

Peek A Baby have launched their NIPT Testing, expanding their services to include these non-invasive prenatal tests for expecting and curious parents.

Although these tests can give insight into your baby’s health, they are screening tests, not diagnostic. However, they still provide 99% accuracy in results.

There are a range of options available with Peek A Baby, including:

  • Veracity: This test offers three levels of testing, looking for the most common fetal conditions.
  • VERAgene: This is a more extensive test, looking for over 200 monogenic conditions, 2000 mutations and much more.

Both Veracity and VERAgene test for the most common genetic conditions: Downs Syndrome, Edwards Syndrome and Patau Syndrome.

If you are looking for your baby’s gender, this can also be revealed during these tests based on the Y chromosomes present, or not present, in the fetal DNA. If you do not wish to have your baby’s gender revealed, please let us know during your test appointment.

More information can be found on Veracity and VERAgene online.

NIPT Tests with Peek A Baby

If you are unsure which test is right for you, please do not hesitate to contact our team at Peek A Baby today or have a look through our FAQs online.

Our team has been extensively trained on all of our NIPT tests to ensure that the service provided is to the highest standards. Unlike pregnancy scans, NIPT tests have to be sent off for testing before results come back. This can typically take 7-10 working days (subject to postal delays). If you are looking for quick answers, these tests are the option for you and your future family.

All tests are available to book online at the best time and location for you. Alternatively, you can visit us in clinic to purchase a gift voucher for a loved one.

Searching for NIPT Testing near me…Peek A Baby looks forward to seeing you soon.