Early Pregnancy Scans London

Reassuring You Right From the Start

The Purpose of Early Pregnancy Scans

Early Pregnancy Scans are available from 6 to 15 weeks of pregnancy. The primary purpose of an early pregnancy scan is simply for the following reasons:

To confirm that your baby has a heartbeat

To find out the age of your baby

To estimate a due date of your baby

After the scan has taken place, as a keepsake you will receive a black and white 2D thermal image and a written report of the scan.

At Peek A Baby, we understand that the early stages of pregnancy can be a time when you need reassurance. To try and give you this, we offer early pregnancy scans at our London Clinic based in Mitcham.

London Early Pregnancy Scans

In order to prevent you feeling anxious about your baby’s health and wellbeing during the early stages, our early pregnancy reassurance scan is available at Peek a Baby London. It will provide you with peace of mind as we use our diagnostic scanning equipment to take measurements in order to check your baby is growing how it should be and is positioned correctly for the amount of time you have been pregnant.

Contact us today on 020 8640 7444 to find out more information about our early pregnancy scan or to book an appointment.

At Peek A Baby in London, we also offer our private NIPT Tests and DNA Tests. Book your appointment today from as early as 6 weeks!

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