Do I Need to do Anything in Preparation for the Scan?

Unfortunately, baby often has a mind of their own and neither you nor we have control over them. The best advice we can offer to is to have something sugary, like a drink or chocolate maybe 10 to 20 minutes before you come, and also bring a cold drink along with you. If mum can try and stay as relaxed as possible prior to and during the scan, we have noticed that a nice, happy, relaxed mum allows for a well behaved baby. In addition, drink plenty of water; if you don't normally drink water daily you should consider doing so beginning at least 5 days before your scheduled appointment. Hydration can significantly improve the clarity of an ultrasound.

We will try our best to get the best images of your baby but please bear in mind that 4D imaging is largely dependent on the position of the baby and as such we cannot guarantee full face images.

For Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scans, a full bladder is required. 

For Gender Scans, there is no preparation needed. 

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Peek A Baby has three locations across the UK covering Birmingham, Bromsgrove, and London. We strive to provide a scanning service that helps you obtain an accurate scan as well as enjoy your pregnancy journey with your loved ones. You can contact our clinics today on the phone numbers below, or you can book your scan online below.

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