Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis & Testing

Non Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis & Testing is possible in the early stages of family planning or pregnancy, helping to test for and diagnose any existing or hereditary medical conditions for both yourself, and your baby via a DNA sample.

What is None Invasive Prenatal Testing?

Non Invasive Prenatal Testing gives the opportunity for screening tests to take place for medical conditions. They are often recommended if you are a higher risk for specific medical conditions such as Down’s Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome or Patau’s Syndrome. This does not mean that you cannot access these tests should you wish to dive into your own genetics in the family planning stages of your life. Peek A Baby offer a range of prenatal tests that are non invasive. They allow you to explore your genetics with a blood sample of buccal swab test.

They are designed in such a way that they look closely at the individual’s DNA, determining whether or not there are conditions to be aware of for either yourself, or for your future family. Because these tests are available for women before and during pregnancy, they are key to helping determine whether you want to have children because of a genetic condition, and if you do, what the chances are of your baby inheriting this from you.

Should I Invest in Prenatal Testing & Diagnosis?

It is estimated that 1 in 50 pregnancies are affected by a genetic condition. With this statistic in mind, it can be considered an important consideration and investment for those who want to expand their families.

Taking the time to do a non-invasive prenatal test can help make your decisions easier, potentially also helping ensure that you have peace of mind when making them for your future. All decision made are informed and made with a clear picture of your health.

Although Peek A Baby’s range of non-invasive prenatal tests are for genetic condition screening, they also offer an early gender DNA test that allows for gender determination from just 6 weeks! This is a blood test sample that looks at the chromosomes in fetal DNA to determine Y chromosome presence.

For more information on our range of non invasive prenatal diagnosis tests, see below…

Peek A Baby NIPT Genetic Tests

Early Gender Blood Test

  • Available from 6 weeks of pregnancy
  • 9% accuracy from fetal DNA
  • Tie this with an Early Scan at Peek A Baby


  • Available from 10 weeks of pregnancy
  • Detects the most common fetal aneuploidies
  • Direct fetal DNA testing provides 99.9% accuracy
  • Test via blood sample
  • Gender determination possible as addition


  • Available before and during pregnancy
  • Test via Buccal Swab and blood sample
  • Expectant mothers must be 10 weeks pregnant
  • Screens for aneuploidies, microdeletions, single-gene diseases
  • Tests for conditions that significantly impact the quality of life

Book Your Test Today with Peek A Baby

Peek A Baby have offered a wide range of pregnancy scans to women from 6 weeks but are now able to expand on their offering with non-invasive prenatal testing.

If you are not sure which test if right for you, you can give your local Peek A Baby clinic a call today. Our team are on hand to help ensure that you book the right test for you from as early as 6 weeks. You can also book online today for a time of your convenience.

Alternatively, you can book any of our pregnancy scans, from Early Pregnancy Reassurance to Growth & Presentation Scans. Bookings can be made online, or you can call your local clinic today. Where possible, we offer same-day scan appointments, giving you the opportunity to meet your little one as soon as possible!