Must-haves for summer moms to be

Being pregnant in summer is lovely, all those summer days to enjoy and relax in hopefully some lovely sunny weather!

We have put together a few must-haves that moms-to-be may need!

  1. Sunscreen, we all know how important sunscreen is, this is especially true when you are pregnant, pregnancy can cause skin to become even more sensitive so reach for the sun cream with at least 30 SPF, preferably oxybenzone free.
  2. Safe insect repellent, protecting yourself from itchy bug bites and protecting your baby from potential diseases is a must, look for an all-natural insect repellent safe for you and your baby to use.
  3. A handheld fan, be it a manual one or an electric one, keeping you and your bump cool is just what is needed in the hot sunny weather.
  4. A sun hat, shield yourself with a sun hat shielding yourself and your sensitive skin from the sun.
  5. Comfortable sandals, swollen ankles and sore feet may appear while you are pregnant, so a pair of comfortable sandals is a must, get a pair that you can dress up or down with your outfit, who says you cannot be comfortable and stylish.
  6. A water bottle, keeping hydrated is a good idea, even more so when pregnant, get a good quality non plastic water bottle, keep it with you and keep yourself topped up during the day.
Pregnant lady

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