First-time dads…

On June 20th it is Father’s Day, a day when we can appreciate and thank the dads and father figures in our lives.

Expectant fathers to be…

But what about those that are expectant fathers to be, obviously so much of the pregnancy is about mom , but our partners are often the unsung heroes during the pregnancy, supporting and helping us through the emotional days when we may be feeling worried, joining us at the antenatal classes and giving our backs and feet a good rub when they are aching.

So, we have put together a few tips of how to include the expectant fathers and make them feel part of the special journey that you are both going through.

The announcement

Make sure your partner is included in the big announcement, after all it is both of your news to share!

Involve him.

Involve your partner in antenatal classes and doctor appointments, this will make him feel part of the whole journey!

Dadchelor party

You can bet that your girlfriends will be planning a baby shower for you, why not let the expectant father to have a dadchelor party to celebrate his news too!

Scan Packages

And as it is Father’s Day this month, why not arrange an extra surprise scan for him as a present, where you can both find out the gender of your baby together. and only costs £45!

or how about one of our Cuddly cub scans? this will include images and a DVD to take home to treasure and share with friends, also included in this package is a gift pack including a baby journal, and a MAM baby bottle and soother for when baby arrives.

Baby scans available

We have many scans available here at Peek a Baby.

Why not take a look, and choose one for your partner, it really will make their day and make them feel included and part of this very special journey?

first time dad kissing his wife bump