FAQs for Pregnancy Scans London

We understand that pregnancy comes with lots of questions. Whether it is your first time or your third, this doesn’t change. Every pregnancy is unique, and questions are unique to your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pregnancy Scans

There are a number of frequently asked questions that we get here at Peek A Baby London. We have been able to compile some of these FAQs here to help give you some peace of mind when booking your pregnancy scan with us.

Can ultrasound harm the baby?

It is widely accepted that ultrasound scans do not harm the mother or baby during pregnancy scans. This gives you peace of mind that your baby is in safe hands during all pregnancy scans.

Do I need a full bladder for my scan?

This is dependent upon when you are coming for your scan, and which one you have booked for.

If you are less than 19 weeks pregnant and have booked for a Gender Scan or Early Pregnancy Scan, you will need a full bladder for your appointment. For any 4D scans, you do not need to have a full bladder.

What is the earliest pregnancy scan I can have?

The earliest pregnancy scan that Peek A Baby London offer is our Early Reassurance Scan at 6 weeks. This is the first opportunity to see your baby and confirm the pregnancy, giving you reassurance and peace of mind.

What is a 4D pregnancy scan?

A 4D pregnancy scan is an ultrasound scan, much like any other; however, it is able to produce real life images of your baby in the womb. Find out more about 4D scan packages at Peek A Baby today.

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If you have any further questions regarding pregnancy scans, please get in touch with Peek A Baby in London today by giving us a call or completing our contact form online. Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have before booking your scan.

For more information on our available pregnancy scans, visit our website today. We have a wide range of scans from 6 weeks onwards. We also offer 4D scan packages! Book your appointment with us online.

For the London Clinic, we have a special offer of for the Cuddly Cub 4D Package – currently only £59 with you quote GL59 on your booking! Alternatively, if you are looking to surprise a loved one, why not get them a Peek A Baby gift card! Contact us for more information.