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What is a dating scan?

A “dating scan” is an early pregnancy scan, it can also be called a booking scan.

A dating scan can work out how many weeks pregnant you are, this is based on the size and development of your baby when the scan is carried out. The sonographer will be able to take measurements from the crown to the rump of the baby. It can also give you your due date using the above information.

When can I have a dating scan?

On the NHS a dating scan is usually offered around 10-14 weeks. Here at Peek a Baby we understand it may feel like a long time when you first find out you are pregnant by a positive pregnancy test and then having to wait 10-14 weeks to have your pregnancy confirmed. So, we offer our dating scans as early as 6 weeks, and up to 15 weeks.

At a 6-week dating scan, you can expect to see a gestation sac, and a yolk sac developing in the uterus. You should be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. From a little later at 8 weeks you should then be able to see the baby making small movements.

Before your appointment….

We do ask you to have a full bladder for your dating scan, we advise you to start drinking fluids at least 30-45 minutes before the time of your appointment. You will not need to bring your hospital records.

You will receive 3 black & white thermal prints to take home, a full report of your scan, a free rescan if required. During your dating scan here at Peek a Baby, you will have your own personal chaperone for the duration of the scan.

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