Dating Scans

What is a Dating Scan?

When you learn about your pregnancy, you are offered the NHS 12-week scan. This is often known as the dating scan during pregnancy. This is the first opportunity to meet your little one and find out when they are due to arrive with you.

For some new parents however the wait can seem like forever. This is when private pregnancy scans can benefit you. With private pregnancy scans, you can have a dating scan from 6 weeks to 15 weeks. This will provide the same as the NHS 12 week scan, but does not replace it!

Why Have a Private Dating Scan?

If you have recently learned of your pregnancy but can’t wait to find out more, this is when early pregnancy scans are great. From 6 weeks, you can have a scan and meet your newest family member.

At Peek A Baby, our Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan has been designed to give you peace of mind. A 5 minute appointment can confirm your pregnancy for you, give you a gestational age of your baby, confirm the heartbeat and give an estimated due date.

Same Day with Peek A Baby

Our aim at Peek A Baby is to get you in for a scan at the time that suits you. As you are able to bring up to five guests with you to your appointment, this is not always possible same day; however, if you simply can’t wait, we do try and offer same day appointments where there is availability to do so.

Following the scan, you will have 3 black and white thermal prints to take away with you, a report and if you need a re-scan, this will be booked for you free of charge.

Get in Touch

If you are wanting to meet your little one sooner rather than later, get in touch with us today and book one of our Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scans.

We have three clinics – Birmingham, Bromsgrove and London who are all waiting to hear from you!