4D Baby Scans

Here at Peek a Baby we are excited for the coming weeks ahead, with lockdown restrictions gradually being lifted, it finally feels as though we can all get back to normality.

As the lockdown restrictions are being eased, we are happy to announce you can now bring your loved ones in with you again to experience the magic of seeing your baby in an ultrasound scan.*

Pregnancy Scan Packages

We have various scan packages available, look here https://www.peek-a-baby.co.uk/packages/

Some of our most popular scan packages are the 4D scans, these allow you to see your little bundle of joy in colour in 4D. You will see moving 3D images of your baby, allowing you to see the baby’s features and movements in real-time. Have a look at our gallery page to see some of these in action https://www.peek-a-baby.co.uk/gallery/

A 4D scan is a remarkable experience that you can again now share with your partner and loved ones, why not book in with us for yours.

Baby 4D Scan 5

Cuddly Cub 4D Scan Package

Our cuddly cub 4D package offers a free gender confirmation, a 10-15 min 4D DVD to take home, 10-15 images on a CD, 3 colour 6×4 prints, and a well-being report. You will also receive an A4 colour print, as well as a gift pack (which includes a baby journal, MAM baby bottle and soother) and a newborn baby photo shoot voucher https://www.peek-a-baby.co.uk/cuddly-cub-4d-package/ all of this only costs £79!

Cheeky Monkey 4D Scan package

Another of the packages we offer is our Cheeky Monkey 4D package, which offers you a 15–20-minute colour DVD of your baby, a CD of 35 colour images, 8 6 x 4 colour prints of your choice, and a complimentary picture frame. Along with all of the above, you will also get a foetal growth & wellbeing report, a free rescan should the baby be in an unsuitable position, a gift pack (which includes a baby journal, MAM baby bottle and soother) and a new born baby photo shoot voucher https://www.peek-a-baby.co.uk/cheeky-monkey-4d-package/ all of this for only £129!

So why not invite your family or friends and involve them in one of the most amazing experiences of your life, it will be a memory that will always be cherished.

* Can our guests please contact the relevant clinic they will be visiting directly for updated guest policies as they vary from clinic to clinic.