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Peek-a-Baby 4D Scans

Peek-a-Baby is a 4D antenatal scan service operating in both London and Birmingham,offering a vast range of imaging techniques we provide our customers with amazing first images of their new baby. Our latest equipment includes HD machinery for the clearest 4D scan of your baby.

Why Choose Peek-a-Baby?

We are one of the pioneers in the field of 4D Ultrasound Scanning in UK, operating since 2007.
We feel confident that you will receive the best in client care. Peek-a-baby staff provide discretion in all cases, with special attention given to clients’ dignity and privacy. Our scan packages suit all our clients’ needs. All scans are carried out by certified radiology doctors or professional sonographers. Whilst our premises offer a home-from-home feel, please be rest assured that our health, safety and security standards hit the highest criterion.
Peek-a-Baby branches include a children’s play area and we provide full baby changing facilities (including mats, wipes and nappy bags). Clients can purchase drinks and chocolate from our Peek-Tuck-Shop provision, while an exclusive Print Room allows our customers to select their pictures in a relaxed and private setting.

What is a 4D Scan?

A 4D scan lets prospective parents view real time video of their baby in the womb. Live streaming allows you to see many more details than a 2D image - watch your baby’s facial expressions change or see how they perform actions like thumb-sucking and smiling right in front of you! This impressive imagery is then copied onto a DVD for you to take home with your 2D images and colour pictures. You can ask for the gender of your baby at this stage, but if you would rather wait for baby’s arrival, we will ensure this information is concealed.
To provide the finest quality images, we recommend that your baby’s 4D scan is carried out between 20 weeks and 34 weeks of the pregnancy. Prior to 20 weeks, because the baby has not developed enough, foetal imaging will not be as satisfactory. After 34 weeks, the image may be less clear due to baby’s size or position in the womb. However, we offer re-scans with all our 4D packages in case your baby is in an unsuitable position. Gender Scans (from 15 weeks) and Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scans are carried out from 6th week of pregnancy onwards. In order to ascertain any abnormalities, Anomaly Scans are carried out at/from 20 weeks.

Is 4D Scanning Safe?

Our scans use technology that has been tried and tested for many years. No biological risks to either mother or baby, have been found that are linked to ultrasound scans, as there is No Radiation emitted. We observe the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Possible) principle and our scans therefore usually last no longer than 20 minutes.

Which 4D Scan is Best For Us?

Our packages include:
  • Cheeky Monkey 4D Scan
  • Circle of Life 4D Scan
  • Growing Giraffe 4D Scan
  • Cuddly Cub 4D Scan.
Choose Peek-a-Baby for your 4D scans and you can be assured of a professional yet family-friendly environment that makes your visit a time to remember.

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