Are First and Second Pregnancies Different?

Having your first child is a magical experience; having a second can be a different experience all together. As an experienced mother, you can avoid some things, whilst find yourself struggling with or missing out on others that you enjoyed the first time round.

Common Differences in Pregnancies

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Some of the common differences between first and second pregnancies can include feeling even more tired, finding yourself pulled in different directions and not having any ‘you’ time.

Pregnant mum and daughter - second pregnancy


During a first pregnancy, tiredness is a new experience for you. You take the time to nap where you can and ensure you get plenty of sleep; however the second time round can be harder.

You can feel burnout sooner, struggle to find time for a nap and find yourself not getting much sleep through the night. With one child who is demanding your attention already, sleep is a thing of the past! Playing games that allow you to lie down for a few minutes becomes the new normal for you at every opportunity. Seeing red when your partner says they are tired can also occur.

Spare Time...

Spare time also becomes a thing of the past. First time round, you found yourself reading baby books to absorb the knowledge, found the time to prepare things for when your bundle of joy came along.

Second time around, finding spare time is harder. You don’t have the time to stand in the mirror and admire your growing bump, taking in every change. You don’t get the time to go to yoga and relax afterwards. You might find ten minutes in between your busy life to take a minute of down time.

New Clothes - as if!

When you are expecting your first baby, you take the time to research and find the best pram, Moses basket, cot and clothes. You spend the time shopping around and preparing.

During your second pregnancy, you find yourself pulling out the old clothes from your firstborn and washing everything in preparation. Anything that may have been broken is fixed and the pram is cleaned from head to toe ready to be re-used.

Birthing Plans...

Finally, the birthing plan! For your first child, your birthing plan is written down in detail with exactly what you want for the birth. When it didn’t go to plan, you become aware that there is no need in future for such a detailed plan.

Therefore for the second pregnancy, you have a plan, but not a detailed plan. You find yourself knowing what to expect a little more and can enjoy the moment a little more.

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