Virtual Baby Showers

With the UK entering its third lockdown, being pregnant probably feels like quite a lonely time now, usually this is when friends and family would be rallying around making a fuss of you, taking you shopping for new baby clothes and throwing you a baby shower so all your family and friends could spoil you… Well, some things you may still have to miss out on, but a baby shower should not be one of them!

Virtual baby showers are becoming more and more popular in the current climate, we have put together a few ideas to help you plan one virtually, keeping you and your guests safe.

We understand it might not be the same as getting all your loved ones together in one room, but it could still be fun and a chance for you catch up. Your guests will understand that the situation is not normal, we are confident everyone will want to chip in and do their bit to make the experience as special as it possibly can be!

Your Platform

Firstly, we suggest choosing a platform that is easy for everyone to use, one of the simplest video service options is zoom or facetime on an iPhone… some of the older relatives may need a little help setting this up so we suggest a practice run first to enable everyone can join in with the fun!

zoom call

Your Theme

At a normal baby shower, you may have a theme. You can still go with this virtually. If the expectant mom knows whether they are having a boy or girl. It could be nice to ask everyone to wear blue or pink … or if the gender is a secret…maybe people can wear what they think the gender will be… you can count then whose team boy and whose team girl!


How about some games? There are plenty of fun baby games that can be played virtually such as a “how well do you know mom quiz” pick fun questions about the mom to be and see how many answers you all get right! Or how about a “Celebrity baby name game” there are lots of downloadable templates online to match celebrity babies to their parents.


What about the gifts? now you might think this could be a tricky one…but why not have your guest’s doorstep drop off their presents before the baby shower date so they are all ready to be opened on camera or if you would prefer not to do this online… your guests could keep them and hold them up to the camera to show you what they have bought and drop them off at a safe and convenient time afterwards.

There are plenty of ideas online to create the best baby shower so why not have a look and see what you can find. Our advice is to embrace everything that comes with a virtual baby shower, it may be different, but it can still be an amazing experience. And let’s face it in winter with the snow and ice on the ground who wants to venture out too far anyway… so get comfy and warm and welcome everyone virtually into your home to help celebrate that gorgeous bump!

Pregnant Lady