Keeping fit and healthy during the pandemic

Being pregnant is such an exciting and happy time, but it can be slightly daunting too, especially when it is your first baby, and even more so if you are pregnant during a global pandemic. It is only natural to feel more anxious than usual.

Unfortunately, now expectant moms to be can not simply catch up with a friend for a coffee to chat about any fears they may be having or go to a yoga class or even the gym to relax and de stress. So, we have put together a few ideas to help you stay physically fit and mentally healthy at home.

It really is important to exercise when you are pregnant, there are a huge amount of health benefits both for your mental and physical health. But with the global pandemic forcing gyms to close and with no exercise classes allowed to go ahead, it has made things difficult.

Fortunately, there are many online pregnancy exercise classes available so have a look for one that suits you and your fitness levels.

Exercise will help control your pregnancy weight, help you sleep better, reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia, and can help ease depression and anxiety and help lift your mood, so it really is a good idea to do some form of exercise if you can.

If you do not fancy a full-on class, why not do some housework, or clear out those wardrobes you have been meaning to sort forever, as long as there is no heavy lifting involved, it is a good way to burn calories and the plus is you will feel super organised once it is done!

If the weather is good why not head out in the fresh air, you can keep a safe distance away from everyone, a good walk will not only make you feel fitter but clear your mind too and it is free so will not cost you a penny!

Catch up with friends and family over zoom to try and keep some contact and normality in your life, or read a book to relax your mind, it is easy for our minds to run away with anxiety and worry when we have extra time on our hands, even more so in these unprecedented times.

Pregnant Lady

Let Peek-A-Baby Help You…

With the extra time at home and our minds working over time, we can start to worry , if you are in the early stages of your pregnancy ,and you need reassurance that all is well , why not book in with us for one of our reassurance scans, this scan can be carried out as early as 6 weeks and up to 15!

 Even if you are further along and are feeling anxious, we can offer you a growth and presentation scan, available from 22-38 weeks.

All of our clinics are taking all possible measures to ensure our guests are entering a safe and clean environment, for more information contact us today and we will be happy to book an appointment and help put your mind at ease, let us help you to have one less thing to worry about!