Mothers day is just around the corner…

Should you celebrate Mother’s Day while pregnant? Before the baby has arrived…? We believe absolutely you should!

That little baby growing inside of you, its heartbeat, its little nose, those fingers and toes that are forming, you have bonded with that little life from the moment you found out you were pregnant, you are its mommy!

You are currently spending your days and months worrying over every little movement, wondering what he or she may be looking like and thinking up names for this little bundle of joy for when it arrives, we think you should celebrate Mother’s Day and make the most of every minute!

We have thought up some cute ideas to help you celebrate this special day!

Relax & treat yourself

Why not have a little pamper session at home, run yourself a nice warm bath and grab a good book, pop on a face mask and relax! Make the most of this time with just you and your bump and bond together even more!

Get the nursery ready!

Focus on getting the nursery ready for when your little one arrives, if you feel up to it of course! It could be choosing the colour scheme for the room, buying toys to go in it or getting that flat pack furniture put together, we would recommend an extra pair of hands in case any heavy lifting is involved.

Write your baby a letter

Take a quiet corner, grab a cuppa and write a letter to your unborn baby, you could choose a nice journal or writing set and spend your afternoon writing what hopes and dreams you have for your precious bundle of joy, you could save it for when your child is old enough to understand it and read it together.

A gift from your partner

You could drop some hints to your partner about something you might like, a nice piece of jewellery or a pregnancy massage or a relaxing pedicure for those aching feet.

A baby scan

What better way to bond even more with your baby bump than a baby scan, here at Peek a Baby we offer many pregnancy scan packages including a gender scan-this is for if you just simply cannot wait to find out if it’s going to be a boy or girl! Or how about one of our 4D pregnancy scans, all our 4D scans come with images for you to take home and share with friends and family and also a gift pack that includes a baby journal, MAM baby bottle and soother, ready for when the baby arrives! Call us today to book in for your scan!

Afternoon Tea or Dinner

Celebrate Mother’s Day by going out for a nice afternoon tea or dinner at your favourite restaurant, make the most of this time when it is just the two of you and bump, soon you will have a little one to run around after, so relax and enjoy!

If you would like to book in for a baby scan contact us today

Pregnant lady