Keeping cool during your pregnancy

With the summer months fast approaching us, and the temperatures set to rise, spare a thought for the mummy’s to be that are carrying another little human which will make them feel that heat even more than usual!

Being pregnant can cause you restless nights due to your bump, and trying to find that comfortable position can be tricky! Add soaring temperatures to that and you can almost always expect a restless night.

Here we give you our top tips for keeping cool whilst pregnant!

We hope they help to keep you chilled and relaxed during the sweaty, summer months.

  1. Invest in a decent fan, keeping an electric fan in the bedroom may help you feel cooler and get a more restful night’s sleep. Also if you can take one into your workplace with you if there is no air conditioning. Even the small handheld fans can help to keep you cool while you are out and about.
  2. Stay hydrated, this is so important generally when being pregnant but even more so in the heat. Drink plenty of ice-cold water, if you find water boring add some sugar-free cordial or a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to jazz it up a bit (hey, if you close your eyes and use your imagination you could even pretend it’s an ice-cold gin and tonic!)
  3. Fill up a bowl of cold water and dip your feet in! This will also help soothe swollen ankles as well as cooling you down. If it’s a nice day outside why not set up a little paddling pool in the garden and grab a book and relax and cool down those legs and feet!
  4. Keep a wet flannel in the fridge ready to be taken out and placed on your head or the back of your neck, take this chance to lie down and take five minutes to yourself.
  5. Keep comfortable, loose cotton or linen clothing will help you feel relaxed and chilled. Avoid jeans or tight-fitting tops that will only make you feel hotter. If you feel brave and the blinds are closed why not walk around as nature intended, feeling naked and free!
Pregnant Lady in Bikini

Lack of sleep and feeling hot and bothered can make you feel stressed, why not book in with us at Peek a baby for a reassurance scan, whilst we may not be able to help control the temperature outside we can almost certainly put your mind at ease with one of reassuring pregnancy scans.

Or how about a growth and presentation scan, this scan will put your mind at rest if you have any concerns about the normal growth and well being of your baby in the second half of your pregnancy.