Short and Sweet Baby Names

Just found out you are expecting and already have a list of baby names ready? Well we have a few more for you! We have been looking at some short and sweet baby names to suit your equally sweet new-born. Short names are cute, simple and easy to pronounce, they also make a great combination with a long last name! You can’t go wrong.

If you are hoping for or expecting a baby girl here are our suggestions. We’ve picked our favourite popular ones and some more unique ones that are sure to suit your bundle of joy.

Happy baby in a towel

Girl Names

  • April – Meaning blossoming flower
  • Ava – Deriving from the bird, strong and beautiful
  • Eden – Meaning delight, which we’re sure your new-born will be
  • Elle – A ray of sun and shining light
  • Ivy – Originating from the climbing evergreen plant, the ivy wreath symbolises faithfulness
  • Maya – Meaning good mother
  • Nova – Perfect for your new baby girl, this means a sudden burst of light from a star

Gender-neutral names are becoming increasingly popular and don’t restrict you while you wait and plan if you have your heart set on one of these names it will suit them perfectly whatever gender they are.

Gender Neutral Names

  • Leo – A great name for if your baby is born between July 23 – August 22 to match their star sign!
  • Avery – If you are a fan of fantasy this is perfect as Avery means ruler of the elves
  • Charlie – Meaning free
  • Alex – Symbolising a defender of men
  • Cody – Meaning wealthy and helpful, which we all want our children to be!
  • Erin – Symbolising peace and poetry  
  • Eli – A spiritual and sweet name
  • Gray – Deriving from the colour but we think it has a very regal sound to it
  • Harper – A name perfect for a creative and musical child
  • Blake – Originally meaning fair with dark hair, we think this would be perfect for any baby

However, If you have your heart set on a baby boy and want a more traditional name here are our favourite short and sweet choices for you.

Boy Names

  • Drew – Meaning strong, perfect for your baby boy
  • Theo – Meaning a divine Gift, which is exactly what your new-born will be!
  • Max – Simple but perfect, Max means the Greatest
  • Cale – Derived from Gaelic meaning brave
  • Milo – Meaning soldier
  • Shay – Perfect for your baby boy, Shay derives from a hawk
  • Kai – Strong and beautiful like the sea  

Can’t wait to find out the Gender?

If you can’t wait to find out the gender of your baby and decide on one of these short and sweet baby names, come to one of our gender reveal scans and we can go through it together. It’s an incredibly exciting time and we want to make the most of it with you, luckily our 2D gender scan can be done as early as 16 weeks. You will receive three prints and a CD with five to six images of your baby on to keep forever. We also include a gift pack to get you started, a newborn photoshoot voucher and a free rescan if your baby is in the wrong position to scan, and if your bundle of joy is cooperative, we can also do a 4D sneak peek! Don’t spend weeks guessing, book your gender scan now and know for sure.