Baby Sensory

Baby sensory is beneficial for your baby because it will stimulate your baby’s mind and as many senses as possible. Each sensory experience builds different nerve connections in your baby’s developing brain; it will help lay important foundations for learning later in life.

Baby Sensory play supports cognitive growth, encourages fine and gross motor skills, develops and aids in enhancing memories and promotes social interaction.

There are many baby sensory toys available to buy, baby sensory classes are also available to attend as are baby sensory apps available for your smartphone. But it is also just as easy to create some cheap and cheerful baby sensory ideas of your own; we have listed a few things for you below to help get you started:


Turn the lights off and have some fairy lights on (keep these out of reach of the baby) or maybe some glow sticks that you can move around (always keeping them out of baby’s eyes of course!)


Grab some bunches of lavender, rosemary or mint and place near to your baby or alternatively some aromatherapy oils, lavender, in particular, is said to have a soothing effect on babies.


Loosely tie a balloon to your baby’s wrist or ankle and let them move it around and watch it.

You can also scrunch up some tissue paper or get some bubble wrap or cotton wool and let them feel it under their feet or hands (never leave the baby alone during these activities)


Create some sounds for your baby:

Crinkle tin foil in your hands

Put some dried rice or pasta in a jar and shake

Play some music and sing and clap along

It is important at an early age to encourage your baby to explore and investigate. Research has shown it is much more than just a bit of fun. During the first 3 months of a baby’s life two million, neural connections are created in the brain EVERY second! This is why sensory stimulation from birth is so very important, it will help create new pathways to the brain by giving the baby new sensory experiences. Just a small note to remember on developmental milestones, every baby is different and as much as we can try and encourage them, they will do things in their own time and at their own pace…so do not worry!

baby on mat