Valentine’s day treats for your pregnant partner

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner why not do something special for your pregnant partner.

It is the perfect time to show them just how much you care. When a pregnant lady is relaxed and feeling loved it can help her feel more content with all the changes that are happening around her….cravings, fatigue, nausea, body shape will all be taking their toll on her, it can be an exciting but also a scary time especially for first-time moms! Why not make your partner feel extra loved and relaxed for Valentines!

Here are a few of our top ideas to treat that special pregnant lady in your life:

  1. Book her a pregnancy massage: Some practitioners will have special pregnancy massage tables designed to accommodate a woman’s pregnant belly! This will help relax and rejuvenate her.
  2. Run her a bath, grab some relaxing bubble bath and maybe a bath bomb or two (Just double-check they are safe for pregnant women, most are but they say certain herbs such as clary sage, basil and rosemary should be avoided).
  3. A gentle soothing foot rub will work wonders for a pregnant lady! During pregnancy, it’s not just your tummy that swells but ankles, feet and legs, not to mention the aches that come with the swelling so a relaxing foot rub could be just the ticket!
  4. Buy a pregnancy pillow for your partner, any pregnant lady will tell you that that gorgeous big bump can make sleeping uncomfortable. These pillows are specifically designed to support your bump while you’re sleeping.
  5. Why not treat your pregnant partner to one of the amazing scans we have on offer here at Peek a baby We offer early pregnancy reassurance scans (available from 6-15 weeks) you will take home 3 black & white thermal prints to show friends and family or if you simply cannot wait to find out if you are having a bouncing baby boy or gorgeous girl, you don’t have to with our gender scans…(available from 16-35 weeks)also taking home 3 black & white thermal prints plus 5-7 images on CD, plus a gift pack including a baby journal, MAM baby bottle and soother.
    Both of these scans only cost £45!
  6. And lastly, one of our top ideas (and this one is free!) Be patient! Recognise that your beautiful pregnant partner’s hormones will be all over the place and her mood may be up and down especially through certain times of the pregnancy. Pregnancy brain is a very real thing! Don’t get upset if she leaves the back door wide open mid-winter or puts your phone in the fridge, she cannot help it…it really is baby brain!
Baby Scan Photo