Why spring is a great time to have your baby!

The dark nights are over, the clocks have been set forward and the daffodils are starting to bloom! The sun is starting to show, and everyone just feels happier!

A New Spring in Your Step!

With the end hopefully in sight from the restrictions we have all been placed under due to Covid-19 things are looking up and we finally have things to look forward to again, what is more exciting than having a baby and even more so if you are due to give birth in springtime.

tree in spring

The weather is starting to pick up, sunny fresh days are here, so if you have just had your baby there is no better time to get out of the house and go for a stroll with your new bundle of joy, very soon you will even be able to meet friends outdoors and finally get to show off your gorgeous new baby! The pandemic has been a tough time for everyone with the stay-at-home guidance in place, it did feel a bit lonely at times for many, and if you had a new baby and was cooped up all day it could be challenging to say the least!

With the winter months behind us, everyone should start feeling healthier too, cold weather is a time full of coughs, colds, and flu! In the warmer months there is less chance of you or your baby getting sick, which can only be good news!

You have the whole summer ahead of you for walks and picnics and generally just enjoying the summer sun and dry days with your baby, when the weather is good it makes us more inclined to get out and do stuff! In the winter it feels like it takes forever wrapping baby up in 20 layers then yourself, getting the wellies on and bulky coats, you may just think it is easier to stay home… but in summer we are more inclined to get out and make the most of the sunshine.

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