Well Being Scans

What is a Well Being Scan?

A well being scan is a diagnostic scan that looks for any possible abnormalities or anomalies in your baby.

They provide peace of mind for expectant parents whatever the outcome and allow you to prepare further for the birth of your little one.

Benefits of a Well Being Scan

A wellbeing is a 30 minute appointment, best performed between 18 and 21 weeks of pregnancy.

During the scan, the sonographer will use ultrasound to create a scan image of your baby, allowing them to look in detail at your baby’s heart, brain, bones, face, kidneys, spinal cord and abdomen. From here, they will look at:

  • The development of the foetus
  • Position of the placenta
  • Measurement at the expected gestational age
  • Anatomical structures
  • Presence of cleft lip
  • Cardiac abnormalities
  • Presence of open spina bifida

Should there be any cause for concern during this appointment, you will be advised by the sonographer to contact your midwife or GP immediately.

Why Choose Peek A Baby?

At Peek A Baby, we always aim to make you and your guests feel comfortable during your time in clinic. We understand that a wellbeing scan may be an anxious time for expectant parents, but we aim to reassure you where we can.

From each scan, you will leave with 3 thermal black and white prints and a written report of the scan to take away and discuss with your midwife or GP further.

Please note that although we aim to ascertain possible anomalies at the time of the scan, there is always a chance that anomalies are not visible at the time of the scan to be identified. We do not take responsibility for any anomalies that appear at a later stage of the pregnancy.

Get in Touch

If you are looking to check the well-being of your baby, why not contact us today or book online with us for your Well Being Scan.

If you wanted to check the well-being of your baby, but not check for possible anomalies, why not book one of our Growth and Presentation scans.

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