What Are Sexing Scans?

Sexing scans are private ultrasound scans available during pregnancy, another term for gender scans. They are when the gender of your baby can be detected via ultrasound. They are available from 15 weeks at Peek A Baby, allowing you to meet your baby as your little boy or girl for the first time!

As an exciting time for you and your family, Peek A Baby are pleased to allow 5 or more guests with your during your scan appointment! This means you can share your joyful news with those closest to you!

How Do Sexing Scans Work?

Much like any other pregnancy scan, a sexing/gender scan is an ultrasound scan performed by one of our highly trained sonographers. This will produce a scan image of your baby in 2D (the standard baby scan images) for you to see your baby as they grow.

As an additional feature, you can also have a 4D gender scan! At Peek A Baby, our 4D scans are available as a sneak peek feature of our gender scans. They are dependent upon your baby being in the suitable position in order to get the best imaging and you need to have a full bladder.

At Peek A Baby, our scans come with additional features and benefits including:

  • 3 black and white thermal images
  • A wellbeing report
  • Free rescan if the gender is not seen
  • 5 or more guests allowed, including children
  • Gift pack including a soother, baby journal and MAM baby bottle
  • New-born shoot voucher and more…

We often get asked about the need for hospital records – we do not need to see these for any of our scans. Our team are highly trained professionals and will compile a well being report for you post scan. This does not replace your NHS appointments or reports!

Book With Us Today!

Whether it is a gender/sexing scan you are looking for or one of our other scan packages, why not give us a call today at your local clinic. If you are looking to treat someone special to a scan, we have gift cards available for you to purchase.

We have three clinics – Birmingham, Bromsgrove and London clinics are open, offering our pregnancy scans at a time that suits you. To book your appointment, book online, contact us or give us a call on the numbers below.