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Pregnancy is such an exciting time but it can be a nerve-wracking one too, especially if you are a first-time mom, or have had complications in your pregnancy previously.

Private Baby Scan London

The first scan offered on the NHS is at 12 weeks, for an anxious mom-to-be that can feel like a long time to wait. So why not go to a private clinic for an early reassurance scan? A reassurance scan can help put your mind at ease.

An early reassurance scan can give you a due date of when your baby is due, confirm a single or multiple pregnancies and you will be able to hear the tiny heartbeat for the first time for yourself.

Early Reassurance Scan in London

Are you looking for a reassurance scan in London? Look no further than Peek a Baby, we endeavor to provide each and every one of our clients with a safe environment paying special attention to sensitivity, privacy, and experience.

At peek a baby, we offer reassurance scans in London, we can provide you with a private early pregnancy reassurance scan from 6-15 weeks. The scan will last 5 minutes and is a 2D scan, it will confirm the pregnancy. Confirm a heartbeat and give you an estimated due date for your baby.

You will be able to take home three 2D black and white thermal images, to remember and share with family members and friends. We will also give you a report and free rescan if needed.

We suggest you start drinking fluids 30-45 minutes to get a full bladder, this will help us to get the best view of the baby.

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Why not give us a call and book in for your reassurance scan in London on 020 8640 7444 or fill in one of our booking forms and choose the date best suitable for you. We look forward to welcoming you to our London clinic and sharing the first sight of your baby with you.

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