Prenatal Testing Near Me

Prenatal Testing is becoming more common, allowing expecting mums to find out more about their genetics and that of their baby’s before birth.

If you are considering prenatal testing near me, look no further than Peek A Baby. Your local clinic is now offering Veracity and VEREgene prenatal tests for mothers who are 10 weeks pregnant or more.

What is Prenatal Testing?

Prenatal testing, sometimes more commonly known as non-invasive prenatal testing, are available for those who wish to learn more about their baby’s genetics before birth. It can test for a number of genetic conditions including:

  • Downs Syndrome
  • Edwards Syndrome
  • Patau Syndrome and more.

There are often concerns surrounding the risks of prenatal testing. Non invasive prenatal testing gives you the answers to your genetic questions without the risk of miscarriage. They are carried out via blood samples or buccal swab testing on expecting parents, mitigating any change of miscarriage as a result of the testing process.

It is often a difficult decision regarding whether or not you should have a prenatal test; however, it can provide you with answers to big life decisions. It can ensure that you have the best insight into the health of you and your baby before birth to prepare you for the next stage of your life.

NIPT Tests Available

Prenatal Genetic Testing is available for everyone, but if you have a history of genetic conditions in your family, it is an opportunity to find out whether you are a carrier or not.

If you are a carrier, this may pass to your children; for many, it can be life changing having a child born with genetic conditions. Being able to find out the chances of future pregnancies having genetic conditions can be a determining factor for many when thinking about family planning.

If your child is diagnosed with a genetic condition during pregnancy, this allows you to prepare for this and to explore possible treatment options from a very early stage.

Peek A Baby Offer NIPT Testing

Peek A Baby are offering non-invasive prenatal testing near me. With 2 options available, you can determine the right test for you depending on what you would like your baby’s genetics to be tested for.

Veracity offers three levels of testing and covers a number of genetic conditions including Downs Syndrome, Patau Syndrome and Edwards Syndrome. For this test, a blood sample is taken from the mother when they have reached at least 10 weeks of pregnancy. From this sample, fetal DNA is identified and tested accordingly.

VERAgene is a more extensive test, targeting over 2000 mutations and 100 mongenic diseases. If you are looking for an extensive insight into yours or your baby’s health, this may be the right test for you. Testing for the same conditions as Veracity, it can offer a more in-depth look for monogenic diseases as well. A complete list of these can be found on Peek A Baby.

Typically, test results can be received within 4-7 working days (subject to postal delays), meaning you get quick answers to your questions.


If you are unsure which test is right for you, or cannot find the answers to your questions online, please get in touch with your local Peek A Baby clinic today. Our team have received extensive training in order to provide the highest quality NIPT testing service for you.

You can book your NIPT test appointments online with us to find the best time and location for you.

If you would like to offer someone that you love an opportunity to book a prenatal test with us, why not pop into clinic today and purchase a gift voucher for them.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!