How Many Times is Scanning Done During Pregnancy?

The NHS provides at least 2 scans during your pregnancy.

First Scan: The first scan that the NHS will offer you is often referred to as a Dating Scan. This scan is done between 8 and 14 weeks but most often it falls around 12 weeks. The scan is to offer you an estimated due date (EDD) based on the measurements of the baby at the time of the scan and to check the development of baby. If you have consented, this scan can also include screening for Downs syndrome.

Second Scan: The second scan provided by the NHS is sometimes referred to as the Anomaly Scan or the Mid Pregnancy Scan. This takes place between 18 and 21 weeks of pregnancy and is used to check for structural abnormalities in the baby. The baby is looked at in detail checking their heart, face, bones, spinal cord, brain and abdomen.

More scans can be offered to women via the NHS based on the circumstances surrounding their pregnancy.

If you would like an ultrasound scan between your NHS scans, this is where Peek A Baby offers a range of scan packages from 6 weeks onwards.

Our Clinics

Here at Peek a Baby we have three clinics; one based in Birmingham, one based in Bromsgrove and one in London. We strive to provide a scanning service which helps you obtain an accurate scan as well as enjoy your pregnancy journey with your loved ones. You can contact our clinics today to book in your scan.

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