How Big is my Baby?

Many parents go through the journey of pregnancy wondering how big their baby is at each stage. Although scans can provide you with this information in measurement form, sometimes, it is easier to get a realistic view of size as a comparison to something else.

Baby Size Comparisons...

At Peek A Baby, we wanted to help give mums to be an estimated guide on how big their baby is at certain stages of their journey….

6 Weeks

The 6-week mark is when you can get your first scan with Peek A Baby. At this stage, your baby is approximately the size of a lentil. This gives them an estimate length of ¼ inch.

Baby Size Lentils
Baby Size Lime

12 Weeks

At 12 weeks, you will be able to have your first NHS scan. At this stage, you baby is roughly 2 inches long, weighs roughly 2 ounces and is the size of a lime.

20 Weeks

This can be an exciting stage of your pregnancy. From 20 weeks, you can find out the gender of your baby if you haven’t been to visit Peek A Baby sooner! When you get this information, your baby will be roughly the length of a banana at 10 inches from head to toe, weighing roughly 11.5 ounces.

Baby Size Banana
Baby Size Small Cabbage

30 Weeks

This stage of pregnancy is when your baby starts to gain more weight and is growing well. At 30 weeks, your baby is approximately the size of a large cabbage, roughly 16 inches in length from head to toe and weighs 3.5 pounds.

40 Weeks

If your baby is cosy and has not yet made an appearance in the world, at this stage they will be the size of a small pumpkin and definitely on the way soon. On average, new born baby’s weigh 8 pounds and would measure approximately 20 inches in length from head to toe.

Baby Size Small Pumpkin

Peek A Baby Scans

At Peek A Baby, we offer a variety of scans from just 6 weeks.

Our Early Reassurance scans from 6 weeks can provide you with confirmation of pregnancy, an estimated due date and more. For more information on this scan, visit our website today.

We also offer our Growth & Presentation Scan from 22 weeks. This is the ideal scan to check your baby’s growth, weight, and presentation. For more information, visit our website.

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