Growth Scans

A Growth Scan is a third trimester scan for growth and wellbeing checks on your baby.

Here at Peek A Baby, we offer a Growth and Presentation Scan from 22-38 weeks. This is a 5-10 minute scan that allows us to check the estimated weight of your baby, confirm fetal presentation and placental site, get growth measurements and also determine gender should you wish to know.

Importance of Growth Scans During Pregnancy

Growth scans are important for mothers who may have concerns about their baby. If your baby is not moving as much as you feel they should, or if you are wanting to be sure your baby is growing well, a growth scan is the scan for you.

Whether you have been recommended to us by your GP or this is for your own peace of mind, we aim to give you reassurance that everything is going well.

Your results are collated into a report which you can then discuss further with your GP should there be need to.

The Peek A Baby Way

At Peek A Baby, you don’t leave with just a report of your scan.

We will give you three black and white thermal prints of your scan, five to seven images on CD and a gift pack. Each gift pack comes with a soother, MAM baby bottle and a baby journal so you can remember all of your baby’s first moments!

Should your baby not be in the correct position during the scan, we will offer a free re-scan for you so that we can get the best results for you at a later date.

We will also allow five or more guests into the scan with you should you not want to be alone for this moment.

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If you have any concerns about your baby’s health and wellbeing, or if you want to be sure your baby is growing well, contact your local Peek A Baby today and book your growth scan.

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