Genetic Blood Tests

Genetic testing, in any form, looks at the genetic makeup of an individual, analysing their DNA. The aim of these tests are to have early detection for diseases or conditions that you may already have. They also help with predicting the effectiveness of medications available to treat certain conditions.

At Peek A Baby, we offer a range of Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests the screen for genetic conditions including Down’s Syndrome, Edward’s Syndrome and Patau’s Syndrome. The Veracity and VERAgene tests require a blood sample, hence why they are considered a genetic blood test.

What is Genetic Blood Testing?

Genetic blood testing is when a small sample of blood is taken in order to detect and diagnose inherited or rare medical conditions, and also try to determine the cause of medical conditions.

If you have a history in your family of certain hereditary conditions, you can have a genetic blood test to help determine whether this will affect you, your children and other family members. Alternatively, you could request or book a test if you or your partner have existing health conditions and you want to investigate whether or not these can pass to your children.

The Insights Available from Genetic Tests

The beauty of genetic tests is that they can help find reassurance or peace of mind about your own health, but also that of your future children. If you are in the family planning stages of your life, these tests can give you answers to help in your decisions.

There are a number of genetic tests available on the market that you can use to discover more about your genetic makeup. Peek A Baby are offering the following:

Each of these individual tests have unique determinations, meaning that you can be sure to find the right test for you, dependent upon the level of information you are looking for.

Genetic Blood Tests Available with Peek A Baby

Peek A Baby have now launched their range of Non Invasive Prenatal Tests, including Veracity and VERAgene. More information on what these tests involve and test for can be found online.


Peek A Baby also have an Early Gender Blood Test available from just 6 weeks too! This is another genetic blood test that allows you to determine the gender of your baby from 6 weeks of pregnancy with 99.9% accuracy. A small blood sample from the mother can help determine whether there are any Y chromosomes in the baby’s DNA, determining the gender.

For more information on this test, or to check your eligibility, visit us online today.


If you would like to book any of these genetic blood tests, you can either book online today at your local Peek A Baby clinic, contact us, or give us a call. Our team are happy to answer any questions you may have, or help you find the right genetic blood test for you.