Gender Scans

Want to know the sex of your baby? Gender Scans are available from Peek A Baby from 15 weeks onwards.

Only 5-10 minutes in duration, this scan will provide you with a 2D thermal scan of your baby at this point of the pregnancy, and gives you the opportunity to find out the sex as well as checking wellbeing.

If you are booking your gender scan before 20 weeks, you will need a full bladder for the scan so drink plenty 30 minutes beforehand.

There is no need to bring your hospital records for this scan. We will draw up a wellbeing report for you to give you reassurance that everything is well with baby as they grow and develop.

Why Find Out?

It can be a classic debate on whether or not to find out the gender of your baby.

There can be both pro’s and con’s to finding out your baby’s sex. Here are some that we thought of…


  • You can be prepared in your nursery
  • You can buy more specifically for your baby
  • You can pick a name
  • A mother can feel more connected to her baby


  • You have to buy neutral
  • Preparation has to be either way
  • Mother’s can’t have a specific gender baby shower or reveal party

There are many options in terms of finding out or not finding out, but it all comes down to the joint decision.

If you do choose to find out the gender of your baby, Peek A Baby provide a Gender Scan from 16 weeks onwards. These scans are 99.9% accurate.

What Peek A Baby Offer

Here at Peek A Baby, we don’t like expectant mums to leave empty handed. That is why you will leave with three black and white thermal prints, five to six images on CD, a sneak peek in 4D of your baby if they are positioned correctly, a wellbeing report and a gift pack containing a baby journal, MAM baby bottle and soother.

If baby is not in the right position at the time of your scan, we will offer you a free re-scan in the hope that everything works second time round.

Get in Touch Today

If you are looking to find out the sex of your baby, why not contact us today and book your Gender Scan.

Your local Peek A Baby are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you. Give us a call to make your appointment.