Gender Scans in Bromsgrove

Bromsgrove Private Gender Scans

A gender reveal is an important and memorable part of every pregnancy journey. It’s an exciting and emotional time when the gender of your baby is confirmed. Whether you meet your baby for the first time on your 12 week NHS scan or with Peek A Baby’s gender scans, you are celebrating a very special moment. Book your private gender scan in Bromsgrove or in our other clinics as part of your pregnancy experience.

At Peek A Baby, we have a few pregnancy scan options to choose from and depending on how far on with your pregnancy you are, we have gender, growth & wellbeing and 4D scan packages available. Our clinics can be found in London, Bromsgrove, and Birmingham.

Why Gender Reveals are So Special

Peek A Baby understands the the gender reveal of your baby is a special moment. Here is why:

  • You can feel more connected to your baby when you know their gender. Whether a boy or a girl, knowing the sex of your baby can make your experience feel even more real and exciting.
  • With the gender of your baby revealed, you can plan your nursery room, and furniture and start buying clothes that are gender specific.
  • You can focus on a name when you know if you’re having a boy or a girl. When you’ve got a name in mind and the gender of your baby, you can feel more prepared for when they arrive.
  • It can bring your family closer together when you know what you’re expecting, and you can celebrate together.
  • A gender reveal can put a mother at ease, knowing your baby is healthy too with our scans, you can focus on resting and preparing for their arrival.

Peek A Baby Gender Scans

Peek A Baby gender reveals in Bromsgrove as well as our other locations are available for 15 weeks through to 35 weeks. This is a 2D scan and if the baby is in the correct position, you can also get a preview of a 4D scan which is another package deal we offer. It takes 5-10 minutes and only requires little preparation. You just need to make sure to drink plenty of fluid about 45 minutes prior to your scan.

Each gender reveal scan includes a well-being report for your baby, 3 thermal prints and 5-7 images on CD to take away with you and share with loved ones, and a gift pack (MAM Bottle, soother, and baby journal).

Don’t worry if your baby is not in the right position though! We can book you in again for a free scan, so you won’t miss this exciting opportunity.

If you are too excited to wait for your gender reveal but aren’t yet 16 weeks pregnant, we have an alternative early gender reveal process…

From just 6 weeks of pregnancy, mum can give a small blood sample that is tested to highlight the presence of a Y chromosome in the fetal DNA. If a Y chromosome is found it is a boy. The results for this test are 99.9% accurate and can put a mum at ease if they’re keen to learn the gender of their baby.

Contact Peek A Baby

Book in for your 16 week gender scan in Bromsgrove or search for our other clinics. You can book online in advance so that you can look forward to knowing your baby’s gender or wait for the best time for you.

For more information on our other scan packages and tests, have a look at our website or give your local Peek A Baby clinic a call today.

If you would like to treat a loved one to a pregnancy scan with Peek A Baby, we offer gift cards in the clinic. Please come and see us in clinic to purchase.

We look forward to sharing your pregnancy journey with you and your loved ones!