Gender Reveals – Boy or Girl

A gender reveal is a party hosted by the parents to be to announce if they are having a baby boy or girl. Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular of late, during a gender reveal party you gather your loved ones together and reveal the gender of your baby in a creative way.

Finding out if you will be welcoming into the world a bouncing baby boy or a perfect little princess is exciting, and how you reveal the gender to everyone such a fun thing to do to celebrate your news! People are getting more inventive and adventurous by the day.

Below are just a few of the ideas that you could use to reveal you’re exciting news to the world!

Gender Reveal Tips

Fill a giant box with pink or blue balloons…and get the parents to be to open the box together for the big gender reveal!

If you already have children, get them involved with the big gender reveal too! It is so cute for the little ones to spill the beans, holding a photo of the scan announcing that they are going to be a big brother or sister is a great way to reveal the exciting news!

Dogs are part of the family too, so get your furry friends involved in the big reveal, get them to pose for a photo next to a pair of baby shoes in pink or blue

Use a powder cannon. Holi powder is traditionally used for the Hindu celebration of spring, but it is also now a popular way to announce a new baby’s gender reveal. Plan an outdoor celebration for a fun display.

Bake some cookies or a cake with a pink or blue centre. Keep the outside icing neutral colours to keep everyone guessing until you are ready for the big reveal of pink or blue!

Confetti Poppers Make your gender reveal party pop with pink or blue confetti poppers, hand them out to all your guests and let everyone pop them all at once, let the pink or blue confetti cover everyone to reveal if it is a boy or girl!

Silly string is a fun way to reveal your big news, cover the can up so nobody knows if it’s blue or pink, then simply spray away to reveal!

Bubble gum is a cute and fun idea to do the big reveal! Blowing bubble gum and blowing the biggest bubble you and your partner can, capture it in a photo and post it for everyone to see.

Spray it, don’t say it, another fun way to reveal it is to have mom and dad in a white outfit and get family and friends to squirt them with blue or pink paint.

For all the petrol heads, do the big reveal with coloured exhaust smoke in your car, rev your engines and let the smoke do the talking! Pink or blue, what will it be?

Finding out if your baby is a boy or girl is the perfect excuse to celebrate with your family and friends. Whichever way you choose to do the big gender reveal, whether it be a huge party or staged photographs ready to upload to social media to spill the beans, this is a fun time to get creative, use your imagination and most of all have some fun with it! Just be sure to take lots of photos to capture the excitement of the reveal, you will have a wonderful moment to treasure forever.

Here at Peek a Baby we can offer a gender scan to find out if you are going to be having a beautiful boy or a gorgeous girl, this can be done as early as 16 weeks. The scan will take 5-10 minutes to determine the sex of your baby, we can also offer a 4D sneak peek of baby provided baby is in a suitable position.

Why not ask your close friends and family along to join in the big reveal as it actually happens, we sell gender reveal cannons and balloons here at our clinic, and so we can make it an extra special reveal for everyone! You will receive prints of your baby and a CD rom with 5-6 images to take home and treasure forever.