Fun facts about babies born in March

Is your baby due in March? If so this is a fabulous month to have a baby!

March marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring, so warmer sunnier days are ahead which makes us all feel happier! March babies are optimistic and happy, compared to babies born in winter months who tend to be more susceptible to seasonal affective disorders. The arrival of warmer weather and spring flowers seem to be reflected in March babies. The flower for March is the daffodil, this represents rebirth as it is one of the first flowers of spring.

March babies are said to be happy and optimistic, they will either be a Pisces or an Aries in star sign. Pisces are said to be optimistic, ambition and determination. Aries are said to be fiery and passionate.

For March there are two birthstones: Aquamarine which is believed to be a soothing stone that can protect, provide foresight and happiness and courage! It is a healing stone so said to be good to treat anxiety. Bloodstone represents strength and is said to attract wealth and abundance.

A fun statistic from the UK’s office of national statistics says that kids born in March are more likely to grow up to be high flyers-apparently they are more likely to grow up to be pilots!

Researchers have also found that kids born in March are more likely to become CEO’s of a company!

If you are due a March baby, you may expect some late nights as March babies that are born in the spring and summer tend to stay up later than winter babies.

People that are born in March score high on something called the Hyperthymia scale which means they have an optimism that helps them see past any badness.

For those lucky enough to be born in March will find themselves a group of natural-born leaders, creative and optimistic.  Creativity peaks in March, and you share your birthdays with the likes of Albert Einstein and Vincent Van Gogh.

March babies tend to have a very sympathetic nature and love to take care of people, they are said to be affectionate and attractive. Babies that are born in March will always return the kindness and can easily see when others need some help.

Basically, we have come to the conclusion, whatever month your baby is born in of course they are special…but for the ones born in March research say’s they might just be that extra bit special!

Happy Baby