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Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you’ve had previous children, we understand how concerning it can be when you feel like things aren’t right. Here at Peek a Baby, we provide emergency pregnancy scans to give expecting mums the reassurance they need at these times.

What happens in an emergency pregnancy scan?

Although pregnancy can be seen from as early as 6 weeks, a lot of women’s first scan won’t be until they are 12 weeks pregnant.

At Peek a Baby, we offer emergency pregnancy scans to women who are between 6-10 weeks into their pregnancy and who need reassurance. Our emergency ultrasounds involve a 2D scan, which is carried out in order to confirm the following:

To identify the gestational age of your baby.

To estimate your baby’s due date.

To confirm that your baby has a heartbeat.

Why might I need an emergency pregnancy scan?

During your pregnancy, especially if it's your first, it may be hard to distinguish the difference between normal signs and symptoms and those to be concerned about. You may be referred for an emergency pregnancy scan if you are experiencing bleeding and spotting in your very early pregnancy. This is a common pregnancy symptom; however, it is advised to have an early pregnancy scan in order to rule out any more serious circumstances.

Pain or bleeding

If you are experiencing pain during your pregnancy this doesn’t always mean that there is a problem. As a baby is growing, it can cause the mother to feel discomfort in their ligaments due to them stretching. This makes backache and general abdominal pain normal, however, if you are experience severe pain, it is wise to contact a healthcare professional.

Bleeding also doesn’t immediately highlight any serious issues with your pregnancy. Blood passed may be light or heavy and can range from bright to dark red and can be continuous throughout your pregnancy. It is again advised to contact a healthcare professional if you experience bleeding or spotting.

Why choose Peek a Baby?

At Peek a Baby, we have your baby’s and your best interests in mind. Our highly qualified team of ultrasound specialists have valuable experience in emergency scans early in pregnancy. We aim to provide you with the reassurance you need that your baby is healthy and growing at a normal rate. We use the latest diagnostic equipment in order to provide you with the most accurate information possible about the well being of your little one.

Due to being a private ultrasound clinic, we can arrange an emergency scan for you quickly to ensure you peace of mind as soon as possible.

Contact us today in Birmingham, Bromsgrove or London to find out more information about our emergency pregnancy scan or to book an appointment.

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