Early Private Baby Scans Near Me

Early Baby Scans

Search no further for early private baby scans near me; Peek A Baby can give you peace of mind, knowing your pregnancy journey is going smoothly and everything is healthy with your baby.

Whether you’re a new mum or you’ve had complications in the early stage of your pregnancy, Peek A Baby want to give you the reassurance you deserve with our private scanning service. Having a baby can be an overwhelming experience and it’s our intention to relieve you of any anxieties surrounding your pregnancy.

From weeks 6 to 15 of your pregnancy, if you are looking for early private baby scans near me, Peek A Baby has clinics in Birmingham, Bromsgrove and London. You will receive a 2D black and white thermal print that you can take home and share with your family. The scan only takes about 5 minutes and can confirm a pregnancy but also give the baby's gestational age with an estimated due date. The only preparation needed is lots of fluids before going in.

  • Confirmation of your pregnancy- Whether you’ve had difficulty getting pregnant, you’re trying for the first time or simply need peace of mind after taking an at-home test, our early scans can detect your baby's heartbeat from 6 weeks onwards.
  • Date your pregnancy- A Sonograph will show us the size of a gestational sac and the fetus to confirm how far along you are. This will be reassuring as you can prepare for your baby’s arrival and rest knowing they’re healthy.
  • Celebrate your pregnancy- When you’ve discovered you’re pregnant, having an early private baby scan can be a way to celebrate and make your pregnancy feel more real and personal. You can bring guests along with you to the scan as well!

Preparing For Your Baby

Whether you’re a first-time mum or you have gone through pregnancy before, here are some reminders on how to look after yourself during this experience.

  • Rest and relax – alongside getting some activity in during the day, resting will be beneficial for your body.
  • Eat well- Take on a healthy balanced diet for yourself and your baby, and eat plenty, you’re feeding for two now!
  • Reduce the stresses in your life where possible - Stress has a negative impact on pregnancy, so manage it with help from family and friends.
  • Learn about labour and delivery- Going into labour with expectations is less nerve-racking. Planning your birth means your labour can go more smoothly and you can enjoy your pregnancy knowing you’re prepared.

Speak to others- get some professionals to answer all of your questions and advise you on your health. But also speak to other mums or support groups that can support you in your journey.

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Stop your search for Early Private Baby Scans near me now with Peek A Baby. Let’s celebrate your pregnancy with an early pregnancy reassurance scan or some of our other packages.

If for your scans, your baby is not in the right position, don’t worry, we can arrange for another free scan. To book an appointment with us, use our online booking forms. We have clinics in Birmingham, Bromsgrove and London. Alternatively, you can give your local clinic a call and speak to a member of our team.

If you would like to treat a loved one to a pregnancy scan with Peek A Baby, we offer gift cards in clinic. Please come and see us in clinic to purchase.