Early Gender Blood Test in Birmingham

With new technology emerging every day, it is no surprise that new developments in pregnancy scans are now emerging.

Peek A Baby Birmingham are proud to offer a new non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) for early gender reveals! The early gender blood test is available from just 6 weeks of pregnancy and can determine the gender of your baby with 99.9% accuracy!

What is Early Gender Blood Testing?

The early gender blood test is a clinical, non-invasive test that requires a sample of the mother’s blood to be taken and sent off. From this sample, the fetal DNA can be separated from the mothers and tested for the presence of specific chromosomes. If the sample confirms the presence of Y chromosomes, your baby is a boy; if there is no Y chromosome, your baby is a girl.

For further information or to find answers to your questions, please see our FAQ’s.

How Does this Benefit You?

This new early gender blood test has a few benefits for you, including:

  • Earlier gender reveal means you know what you are having sooner
  • You can be more prepared with your baby clothes, bedroom etc
  • You can inform your loved ones sooner than 16 weeks
  • This test is non-invasive so carries no risk to you or baby

This NIPT test is trusted by over 500,000 mums and obstetricians, giving you 99.9% accuracy in the results.

To ensure you are eligible to take this blood test, please use our eligibility calculator before booking your appointment. If you are not yet 6 weeks, a blood test can be taken but the accuracy of results is lower.

Now Available at Peek A Baby Birmingham

Peek A Baby Birmingham are offering this NIPT as a single blood test, or a blood test and scan, meaning you can also get your first baby scan too!

If you are too excited to wait for your gender reveal, book your early gender blood test with us today. You can book online for a time of your convenience, or you can give our Birmingham clinic a call.

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