Baby Boy and Baby Girl Sonograms

Meeting your baby for the first time is a treasured memory for every parent to be.

Baby Boy and Baby Girl Sonograms are created at gender scan appointments during 15-35 weeks of pregnancy.

What is a Sonogram?

Often, people get confused between ultrasounds and sonograms.

A sonogram is the picture that is generated during an ultrasound appointment. The ultrasound is the tool used to take the picture.

From a sonogram, sonographers are able to perform a number of tasks including:

  • Gender reveals
  • Anomaly scans
  • Early pregnancy reassurance
  • Estimated due date

Gender Scans

One of the most exciting times during pregnancy for a parent to be can be the reveal of their baby’s gender.

At Peek A Baby, we offer Gender Scans from 15-35 weeks. These scan appointments are only 5-10 minutes in duration but can provide you with the opportunity to know your baby that little bit more.

After this scan, you will receive three copies of your 2D black and white thermal scan picture as keepsakes. To accompany this, you will also get a CD with 5-6 images on for you to keep and show to your loved ones. We also hope to provide a 4D sneak peek of baby (dependant on position of baby). You will also receive a wellbeing report of baby and a free gift!

Our Gender Scans are 99.9% accurate, meaning you can walk away with the reassurance that your baby boy or baby girl is well on their way to joining you.

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