Anomaly Scans in Birmingham

Giving you some peace of mind!

What is The Scan For?

An Anomaly Scan, performed between 18-21 weeks, is an appointment which includes a complete diagnostic scan to check for any major physical abnormalities or anomalies in your baby.

The scan looks in detail at your baby’s bones, brain, spinal cord, heart, kidneys, face, and abdomen. Whilst doing this, there are several factors investigated by the sonographer:

  • Development of the foetus
  • Measurements at the expected gestational age
  • Position of the placenta
  • Presence of cleft lip
  • Cardiac abnormalities
  • Anatomical structures
  • Presence of open spina bifida

Should the sonographer have any concerns from the results, they will advise you to contact your GP or midwife immediately.

What Does The Scan Include?

After your scan, you will be given 3 black and white thermal prints from your scan. These are great little keepsakes from throughout your pregnancy journey!

You will also get a written report of your scan, detailing any issues that may have been picked up during the scan. This can be given to your GP or midwife to follow up with you.

It is important to note that whilst the aim of this scan is to ascertain any anomalies in your baby at the time of scan, there is always a chance that scans are unable to visibly see and identify an anomaly at this stage. This is a normal factor within the industry and Peek A Baby/ Ultrasound Care do not take any responsibility for anomalies that may occur at a later date.

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