3D Scans London

Here at Peek-a-Baby London, 3d scans are a service we provide for all expectant mothers between 24-32 weeks gestation.

What is a 3D Scan?

A 3D scan is a three-dimension still image of your baby that is captured and printed for you to frame as a keepsake. Baby features can be seen, including mouth, nose, hands, feet, genitals, and even if your baby is bobbing his/her tongue out. 3D scans are a great way to meet your little one, giving you the chance to bond with your baby visually rather than just by feel. You can begin to imagine what your baby’s features will look like, including the weight of your baby and specific characteristics they will have once born, such as thumb sucking.

A sonographer will check your baby’s growth, weight, heartbeat, placenta, the well-being of your baby, also, if required can determine your baby’s sex.

All scans carried out at Peek-a-Baby are safe for you and your baby, with the added reassurance that once you have received your scan you can be confident all baby’s vitals have been thoroughly checked and discussed. Please note a full bladder is not required for this scan.

3D Scans London Packages

There are several packages available at Peek-a-Baby to suit all requirements and budgets. Our 3d scans in London are available from 24-32 weeks gestation however, although not compulsory we recommend these between 27-29 weeks. The reason is that waiting those extra few weeks, your baby will have had more time to gain weight to distinguish features more realistically. However, the closer you get to 32 weeks reduces the amount of space your baby has to move around meaning we can’t always get a clear image for you. If your baby is sitting in an awkward position, we will ask you to take a drink of cold water and have a little stroll around the room. If your baby still won’t move to a more suitable position to enable us to see him/her, we offer one free rescan.

After 34 weeks gestation your baby may have moved into the pelvis making the ability to receive clear images more difficult, please try to rebook before this date.

Our London clinic is located in Mitcham. Peek-a-Baby pride itself on being one of the leading private ultrasound clinics in London.  We run an appointment service only to ensure you have the time and attention with every visit making it an experience rather than an appointment, giving you that unforgettable bonding experience between you and your baby. All our 3D scans are performed by a qualified sonographer or doctors of radiology, providing a safe clinical environment in a welcoming atmosphere.

You are more than welcome to bring along family and friends.

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