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At Peek a Baby, we offer a range of services including 3D/4D baby scanning. Hospitals provide ultrasound testing, through which the health of your baby and, if you wish, its gender, is revealed. While Peek a Baby employs professional sonographers & Radiologists, we will keep an eye on the baby's condition and let you know if medical attention is required.

Our main goal is to provide you with photographic images of your unborn child and conduct anomaly scans. It only takes a few weeks for your baby to gain the appearance of a miniature human, and its face and limbs will show up clearly in our 3D/4D scans. You can even see up close when your baby does things like sticking out its tongue or sucking its thumb!

Moreover, while ultrasound scans sometimes make mistakes when it comes to revealing your baby's gender, 3D/4D scans are much more accurate because they use realistic imagery. Of course, it is up to you whether or not you wish for us to tell you if your baby is a boy or a girl.

Another reason Peek a Baby offers 3D/4D scanning is that seeing such clear images of your baby often helps with the bonding process, particularly for partners who are not carrying the baby. Fathers and those being assisted by a surrogate mother often find this to be a great help.

The unborn baby's expressions are captured with such precision that whether you are the mother or another family member, these scans will contribute to the memories that the child can share with you in the future. Most families have sleeping newborn photos to show off. With Peek a Baby's 3D/4D scanning, you can own pictures of unborn babies posing in the womb!

At Peek a Baby, once your scan is over, we do not just leave you with a plain set of printed images. Of course, pictures that will fit your frames or photo albums are provided, but we offer a number of programmes, including four different 4D-specific packages, tailored to your requirements. From colour prints to keyrings to a DVD video of your entire scan, you can have it all, depending on the package you choose; and what is more, we offer extra, complementary scans too.

It is also worth noting that Peek a Baby has three clinics, one in Bromsgrove, one in London, and one in Birmingham and that our Birmingham clinic uses state of the art high definition technology, giving you some of the world's clearest pictures of your unborn child. Peek a Baby scans will, therefore, certainly leave you with wonderful memories to cherish right in the moment and in the distant future.

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